P.D. OF Z.C.A of the METRIC TON Santa Mª de Guía

Plan Director of the Commercial Zones Opened of the METRIC TON Santa Mª de Guía:
System of 2 Opened Commercial Zones: It guides (Historical Center) and the Watchtower (2017-2018).

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Publication Canary 7 //6 April of 2018


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Memory Synthesis

From the Information, Analysis and Diagnosis conclude in the consideration of the OPENED COMMERCIAL ZONE OF SANTA Mª OF GUIDE, as whom it is satisfied by a system of two discontinuous scopes, Santa Mª de Historical Guide-Center and the Watchtower, to which three complementary downtown, Back Guillén, the Kitchen gardens are added and San Roque.
One is a singular definition, which it is as much from the own conditions of the central urban area of the municipality, as of the arrangement strategy and future development ready in the planning in force and to which respond to the programs and actions impelled from the City council.

The central idea of proposal leaves from the understanding of the Central Area of the municipality as an Urban Area, that is become ordained and developed unitarily, whose basic strategy is the one of the reinforcement of the relation enters present urban nuclei both: Santa Mª de Guía – urban area and the Watchtower, each one of as contains particular qualities, which will allow that they conjugate themselves in a joint strategy of impulse of the commercial activity.

The different scopes that conform this system of Opened Commercial Zone are of different character, reason why different considerations and activities for each case set out. Also, they count on axes of connection and relation between the diverse scopes, that are coherent with the city-planning arrangement and the general strategy of impelled urban development from the City council.


[Flat of Analysis – Commercial Activity]


[Flat Commercial Weave – Santa Mª de Guía (Helmet)]


[Flat Commercial Weave – the Watchtower]


[Flat Systems Santa Mª de Guía – the Watchtower]


[Flat Strategy of Arrangement Scope 1 – Santa Mª de Guía Casco Urbano]


[Flat Strategy of Arrangement Scope 2 – the Watchtower]


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