On 1984 Joaquín Casariego and Elsa Guerra they founded Study CASARIEGO · WAR architects LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY, that en these more than 30 years has made multiple proposals of Territorial Arrangement, Planning, Urban Design and Architecture, counting on the collaboration of diverse professionals. The work of the study has been characterized first of all by two aspects, the combination of scales and the parallel interest in the investigation to discipline and the professional work, which has been worth him its condition of encounter place, debates and work in equipment, of such form that their diverse proposals, made works and theoretical contributions constitute the result of an approach process and deepening in the study fields that are to him own.

These conditions have implied a constant attention to the international contests, in which they have participated continuously, having awarded in several occasions as they are the cases of the Woermann Set (2001) - selected for the exhibition On Site, in the MOMA of New York in 2006 and with mention in the Prize of Architecture Manuel de Oraá and Arocha 2000-2001-Beach, the Beach of Valleseco (2006) - including in one of the exhibitions of the Biennial of Venice in the 2006 - and Urban Park in the old Island Stage (2009), contest summoned by the Town hall of Gran Canaria.

HomeDesignBlogger S.C.P., was based on 2014 by Joaquín Casariego Ramírez, Elsa Guerra Jiménez and Noemí Tejera Mujica, as a re-founding, gathering therefore the previous inheritance, while including new bets.

From 2016, the partners directors are: Elsa Guerra Jiménez and Noemí Tejera Mujica.

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