It interests the culture, and therefore the general object to which it inhales all our work is the one to participate in the cultural production of the moment. This means, attention to the society and attention to the artistic production. Attention to the place and the moment at which the social life is developed, therefore to the nature and the city, the landscape and the users, the environmental care and the technology.

Our field of study and production is the architecture, in its diverse scales and from their diverse approaches, that is to say, the territorial and urban arrangement, the urban design and the construction, from the new work and the rehabilitation.

Many of the works that we approached need a multiple vision and treatment, reason why the collaboration with other professional profiles is practical general is our study, where habitually they collaborate specialistic diverse in engineering, geography, economy, right, computer science, geology and a long list of others, based on the object in each case. The roll of the architecture in many occasions, is therefore the one to articulate and to coordinate, and finally to propose, counting on the plurality of conditions in presence.

The architecture finally contributes joint vision, strategic arrangement and material definition being these our fields of work. In all of them it is, however, the attention to the space quality what we could define as our center of attention, the aspect in which more we can contribute and that in so high proportion is the person in charge of the success of an operation, as much of great or of very small organization.

They could take shape, however, certain fields of action, where the experience on which we counted is more evident. Thus we could emphasize:


  • Territorial plans of Arrangement
  • Plans Directors
  • Arrangement of the Coast
  • Arrangement of Tourist Areas
  • Urban rehabilitation (Mobility, House and Commerce)


  • Arrangement and Planning of Historical Centers
  • Transformation of Catalogued Construction
  • Planning of Historical Value groups (Archaeological, Ethnographic, etc.)


  • Multi-family construction (with complementary uses)
  • Single-family house
  • Rehabilitación and the Inner Reformation
  • Tertiary construction (Commerce and Offices)


  • Free parks and Spaces
  • Urban weave and Mobility
  • Cultural grants
  • Equipment

Fields that we approached in a permanent dialogue between investigation and professional practice, combining the own tasks of the profession with the participation in contests and specialized events, in addition to the educational workings.

Closed commentaries.